The World’s Top Ten Most Terribly Designed Electrical Outlets

10. France

“You put two in me, I’ll put one in you.” Typical French.

9. Great Britain

It looks like someone took a baby Spacecataz, turned it upside down, slapped a mole on it for added humiliation, and tricked it into a game of “here comes the airplane,” except it’s not an airplane, it’s a plug requiring 220 volts. R.I.P., baby Spacecataz.

8. Italy

Hurry up, Monty Hall wants to know which hole you’re picking. For one of the fashion meccas of the civilized world, Italy sure does produce a tacky outlet. And don’t give me that “minimalist” crap, the only thing minimalist about this design is the minimal amount of thought and effort that went into conceptualization.

7. Japan

The only thing worse than fake minimalism is actual redundancy.

6. North America

Also known as the “Silver Age Mickey Mouse Surprise Face.”

5. Denmark

Hey, Denmark, thanks for making your outlet look like a soulless kid with Down’s Syndrome. That’s not going to put a damper on my day or anything.

4. India

This outlet wants to give you the best blowjob of your life, BUT NOT BECAUSE IT OWES YOU ANYTHING.

3. Israel

Really?? This was the best design that God’s chosen people could come up with? Looks like the work of a shitty carpenter. Ok, now it makes sense.

2. Australia

Uhhh, racist much, Australia? What happened, blackface outlets didn’t make the cut? Next time you’re hiring a design firm, make sure it isn’t run by Mickey Rooney.

1. Switzerland

Wow. I mean, fucking WOW. Here’s the situation that I’m imagining behind this design. Switzerland is at a party and they’re mingling in a circle, not talking, just listening, you know, real Swiss-like. Someone mentions that they have a warehouse full of electrical outlets that are the next big thing, but they can’t devote the necessary time to unloading them, but if someone did, they would make a killing. Switzerland jumps at the chance, remembering that luck is when Nazi gold meets opportunity. Well, turns out, these electrical outlets weren’t the next big thing and now every time someone wonders aloud what they should get their dad for Father’s Day or buy their girlfriend for Christmas, Switzerland butts in with a desperate, “Hey, you know what would make a GREAT present?”


One response to “The World’s Top Ten Most Terribly Designed Electrical Outlets

  1. The British socket was designed by an engineer, his brief was to design something that was safe to use, not look pretty.

    Never ever ever hire a Swiss designer, no matter how expensive they are, or how nice their offices are. Even if the are wearing a roll neck. Not one of my encounters with Swiss design has been satisfactory, some looked like the janitors cat could have done better!
    It wasn’t just subjective aesthetic stuff, but hiding away the important bits and making the (market leading) brand name and logo small and marginalized, while putting trivial information in big bold letters on the front.
    There were numerous other serious flaws in other aspects too, too many to list here!
    IMHO, the Swiss should stick to chocolate and watches.

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