Prop Bets for The Expendables

Just a few hours left until midnight screenings of The Expendables and I would be failing my duties as a degenerate gambler if I didn’t set some prop bet lines and offer to take action on them.  Betting windows close at 11:59pm EST.

Someone is killed in the first 15 minutes — 1 to 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a pun to someone he’s just killed — 2 to 5

One of the Expendables mentions how expendable they are — 1 to 1

More than 2.5 bazooka blasts — 5 to 2

Less than 1.5 slow-motion kicks — 3 to 1

Jason Statham headbutts someone — 5 to 1

Jason Statham headbutts a mirror — 6 to 1

A bomb is defused with less than 5 seconds left on the timer — 7 to 1

A helicopter is brought down using an improvised weapon — 10 to 1

A prostitute is used as a human shield — 14 to 1

Zero explosions in the movie — 5,000 to 1

The Expendables soundtrack provided by Sixpence None the Richer — 9,000 to 1


One response to “Prop Bets for The Expendables

  1. russellhainline

    I’ll take the Arnold odds. I don’t think he’s killing anybody.

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