Blackface Cartoon Duck

Hey, let’s have a coloring contest to show that our family diner loves kids!  Nothing could go wrong here, right?


You don’t win a free vanilla bean cheesecake for Minstrel Duck, but we are willing to enroll you and your parents in racial sensitivity training as a consolation.  The bowl of snacks on the counselor’s table should be referred to as, “Brazil nuts.”


2 responses to “Blackface Cartoon Duck

  1. Oh Jesus, what a brilliant observation.

    Haha, I love the “Anakin Duck” next to it, for some reason it makes me think the cafe mistook “Minstrel Duck” as a Darth Vader followup!

    Awesome, made me fucking die!

  2. I worked there. And I’ve seen ACTUAL blackface ducks. As in, wearing gold chains and smoking menthols with afros drawn on.

    This is not a joke, I’m afraid.

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