Text Message: Dog Killer

A couple of friends and I like to play a game where we mess with strangers through text messaging.  We’ll each give each other a phone number from our phone that the other doesn’t have, and start from there.

I was informed that this person was a veterinarian.


Nov. 12th.  11:06pm.  919 area code.

(11:06 pm) Greg: I just killed my neighbor’s dog, thinking it was a raccoon.  I am freaking out, cause they just came over asking about it.  Any suggestions?

(11:06 pm) 919: Sure.  I don’t have this number, who is this?

(11:08 pm) Greg: Jason Whitley.  I was given your number and was told you could help me.  I’ll pay whatever.

(11:12 pm) 919: I really think that your friend gave you the wrong number.

(11:16 pm) Greg: You work with animals, right?  I heard you can revive a dog with jumper cables.  Is that true?

(1:06 am) Greg: Ok, that jumper cable shit didn’t work.  Why didn’t you warn me?!?  Now the other dog I hooked it up to died.


5 responses to “Text Message: Dog Killer

  1. Boy, you are lucky to have such creative friends to introduce you to such a fun game!

  2. THE luckiest!! When are you coming back down to NC?

  3. hahaha thats awesome lmfao!

  4. That DOES sound like a fun game. If only I could afford to play it. It sounds mighty addictive.

  5. I did the same thing by flicking through a yellow pages and dialing off a landline number and pranking buisnesses. Before I get called a time waster, it was only to boring companies like Gate Builders, they could do with the conversation if anything.

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