Text Message Week – Greg Gets Got

Everyone loves to see the prankster get pranked, right?  Unless the prankster is getting pranked for hours in a basement with a crowbar being wielded by a hack comedian doing a shitty Christopher Walken impression.

Back in February, the lovely Meaghan McClenny, in all kinds of cahoots with soulmate Bobby Bobberson, was kind enough to prank me via text messaging.  Throughout the entire exchange, I believed that this random number had accidentally texted me and that I was pranking them.  Silly Greg!


Feb. 14th.  6:02pm.  919 area code.

919: hey jen wat u doin 2nite

919: Yo jen im real sorry bout last nite Plz talk 2 me

Greg: y should i

919: I swear i didnt kno rob wuz ur cuz

Greg: y would u go that far?

919: thinking of u wit another man made me wile out

Greg: well u can start wilein out now

919: Wut u sayin

Greg: u know

919: k just want 2 apologize u have a good vday


2 responses to “Text Message Week – Greg Gets Got

  1. We stopped when we did because you were taking forever to respond and we thought you were calling the cops.



    I thought I was going to get this poor Jen girl Michael Peterson’d.

    I agree! I got got!

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