CoinJock does a guest spot

My rapping alter ego, CoinJock: The Financial Athlete, was asked to do a guest spot on a song that may never be released.  Some real underground mixtape shit.  It was a bit of an experiment, in that I wasn’t allowed to know what the song was about.  The only thing I was allowed to do was listen to the beat and come up with a “30-second guest spot verse.”  Once I wrapped, I was allowed to hear the entire song.

Here are those lyrics:

If there’s a guest spot
You know it’s gotta be me
Perk your ears
For CoinJock: The Financial Athlete
Naturally, other rappers tryin’ to match me
But I’m like Leo DiCaprio, they know they’ll never catch me
I fucked up your life but forgot to say Uno
Then I fucked up your wife and got her pregnant like Juno
Used to be a Slumdog Millionaire
Then I became a Slumdog Chamillionaire
Gangsters turn to bitches when I start mean-muggin’
Cause one of us has a gun and the other one doesn’t
And all of a sudden, you were there and then you wasn’t
Even Sully won’t save your body from floatin’ in the Hudson


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