My LEGO wish list

After making a killing with LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, and LEGO Batman, the toy brick construction company just announced LEGO Rock Band. That’s a bit of a stretch from “hero adventure,” showing that LEGO has raaaaange, son. If LEGO Rock Band is successful, who knows what will be next?

Here’s my wish list:

LEGO Grand Theft Auto
LEGO Da Vinci Code
LEGO Manhunt
LEGO Mortal Kombat (w/Legoalities)
LEGO My Eggo: The Game
LEGO Cooking Mama
LEGO Resident Evil
LEGO World of Warcraft


6 responses to “My LEGO wish list

  1. I realize this blog is a few months old but I just saw a copy of Lego Rock Band for the PS3 platform, reduced to $19.99. I speculate that the reason is that there is just way too much Rock Band product out there. I just read yesterday that Rock Band: Green Day was considered a bomb for the same reason as I mentioned above. Interesting ideas you have there, nonetheless.

  2. uh ur lego wish list is bit unreal.
    I mean a lego resident evil???
    lego games are for everyone so i dont think that will happen

  3. Check out my absurd profile in the entertaining game ROBLOX

  4. come on! five year olds use lego!

  5. Check out my inspired profile on the free universe ROBLOX

  6. Thanks, very cool! We just got back from the new LEGOland in Florida,

    It has the entire NYC skyline built out of LEGO. Washington DC, White House, San Francisco, amazing. Empire State building, Chrysler, Met Life they’re incredible, like twenty feet high!

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