This will not end well.

I would not have believed this game existed had I not seen it for myself.  Prepare yourself for…

mm_beachM&M’s Beach Party!

“Hey, we’re made of chocolate, why don’t we load up the station wagon with a grill, a hammock, and NO umbrellas and take a trip to the beach!”

I don’t know who manages the M&M’s, but I imagine that on his first day of work, he received a “List of Things You Should Not Let M&M’s Do.”  Things like, “M&M’s should not be seen fraternizing in public with Hershey’s Kisses,” “M&M’s should never star in a snuff film,” and, “Under NO circumstances shall M&M’s throw A FUCKING BEACH PARTY.”

Clearly, Yellow M&M is retarded and doesn’t know any better.  Red M&M wants to prove he’s a bad-ass.  Green M&M is suicidal, so, “whatever happens, happens.”  Blue M&M is GRILLING, on the BEACH, under the SUN.  Orange M&M is the only one that seems worried about how this adventure might turn out.

We’ll see you guys again in M&M’s Beach Party 2: Chocolate Sand.


2 responses to “This will not end well.

  1. Damed if you Fondue, Damned if you Fondon’t!


  2. i just spit leftovers onto my keyboard.

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